We’re literally two friends, journalists/producers, que tienen una pasión for sports, fitness, wellness and los más importante, story-telling. 
We also believe we live en un lugar tan especial and multicultural (South Florida), where there are so many stories que deben ser contadas.
Miami Marlins SoFlo Sweat Stories

Meet Your Hosts

New York-born and Miami-raised freelance journalist, hincha del fútbol, fitness and “la cultura”.

Also, ¡Que vivan los perros y el chocolate! 🍫



Dani Rios

From Cali, Colombia to Miami, Florida, freelance journalist, amante del deporte, fitness y todo lo tropical. 🌴

También, el chocolate, un buen amigo. 🤣

What People Say

"Vivo en Miami hace algunos años and I love how I can relate con el spanglish de ellas y amo el storytelling de los deportes!"
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“The first podcast was so beautiful and aside from being inspiring I just really felt the story shared the truth about being an immigrant and a sentiment a lot of us identify with. Also, what a resilient guest, if you workout or even have attempted to you can imagine the mental strength that it takes. I loved this episode! I can't wait for more.”
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“Best podcast to listen to while driving home from work. So inspirational and dedicated ladies that always make you feel like home (miami) even when you live in another state. Check them out.”
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“Betty is an inspiration!.”
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At the Jolt Radio Station
In the Jolt Radio Station at The Art Collective Miami
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