Podcast inspired by the stories of athletes born or  made in the cities of South Florida, focused on life and career conversation that can resonate with many around the world, from trainers to athletes to retired competitors.

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Betty Adkins

From Venezuela to Amsterdam to Trinidad & Tobago, Betty Adkins finally settled in Miami, FL to focus on her successful body building career. Now, the 2008 Miss Olympia finalist dedicates her life to helping others start, maintain or transform their fitness lifestyle like Carol City-born rapper, Flo Rida. Adkins shares her thoughts on the transformation of the fitness industry through social media, the injuries that creep up through the years and her dream to one day return to Caracas. Oh, and she chooses one delicious South Florida-adopted food staple, croquetas or tequeños?

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Gaston "Tonga" Reyno y su travesía por el mundo para conquistar el MMA.

Growing up a fan of Van Damme and the Ninja Turtles, Gaston “Tonga” Reyno shares his adrenaline-packed journey starting in Uruguay, living a mysterious life so his parents wouldn’t find out of his fights, to Asia and the United States, where he fought his way through cultural and language barriers eventually landing in Miami where he also commentates on Mixed Martial Arts for ESPN and is currently planning a comeback.

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SoFlo Sweat Stories - Reviews

“The first podcast was so beautiful and aside from being inspiring I just really felt the story shared the truth about being an immigrant and a sentiment a lot of us identify with. Also, what a resilient guest, if you workout or even have attempted to you can imagine the mental strength that it takes. I loved this episode! I can't wait for more!”
“Best Podcast to listen to while driving home from work. So inspirational and dedicated ladies that always make you feel at home (Miami) even when you live in another state. Check them out!"
“Vivo en Miami hace algunos años and I love how I can relate con el spanglish de ellas y amo el storytelling de los deportes!”
“Betty is an inspiration! 💯💯💯”

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